dreadedmama (dreadedmama) wrote in get_up_dread_up,

random update

Just some random pictures I took the other day. Coming up on 8 months now, and ready for the winter to be over so I can go jump in the ocean some more!!! It's so not fair that the year starts AND ends with winter...

Tried a french braid. The dreads right over my ears aren't quite long enough..

um, and this is what my bangs look like after a week of being conditioned-and only conditioned- every day for a week. (And I have to give him credit here, my boyfriend was sent to the store on his own to pick out the brown dye for my bangs. He did a damn good job!)

And this is what the side of my head looks like when I have my hair in a pony tail :) With my brushable hair, I have to wrap that hair tie at least 3 times to make sure it's tight enough. Now it's stretched out just from being around my dreads. I love it!

And the last one...random curly ends/back of my head
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