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Got a new baby dreadie!

So, my single dread was getting lonely... My friend helped me make it a companion! I'm pretty sure my older dread is frozen in time. It just keeps getting super tight but it never grows! Sometimes I wake up in the night thinking I have a rock under my head, but no, it's just my dread.

Also, I got my first tattoo! It's a fertility goddess symbol designed by yours truly.

Um, P.S. there is a very small amount of side-boobage in the tattoo picture so I guess that it might be almost kind of NSFW.
Pictures under the

Here's the new guy and a good shot of the older one hangin' there:

Here they are both hanging down:

Oh yeah, I conveniently got some bug bites right near my tattoo, and oh look one in between the lines of my tattoo. GREAT!

And a face to go along with the side boob... I mean... dreads and tattoo.
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