Felicia (rainbowaster) wrote in get_up_dread_up,

four years, twenty days...

I think it may have been over a year since I last posted.

Between fighting the foreclosure crisis, freshly diagnosed chronic diseases, new relationships, and losing my job due to nationwide political scandal, I've had a busy year.

Now, I am unemployed and slowly making my return to the internets.

Just one picture, and experiment- I'll try to do a proper timeline post soon.

poker face

I had an idea of how to make it work, and I think I did a fair job adapting the Lady Gaga hair bow. No bobby pins or other hair accessories, just good, old fashioned hair manipulation.

I finally got around to returning my hair to the lovely red I have come to adore, and am feeling a lot better about my dreads.

I have been experiencing some hair loss in the past few months, which is probably due in part to whatever autoimmune disease is taking over my body and/or my newly discovered thyroid disorder, and the stress of my recently lost foreclosure prevention job.

I've found that since that job has ended and I have started to get some handle on my medical issues, the hair loss is definitely slowing. Even, it seems, reversing. Let's hope!

I hope all you dreadies are well, and I've missed you!

P.S. I don't think this warrants a tutorial, and there might already be one for dreads, but if you want to know how, let me know!
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