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just a few

all right, so my friend steelreserve40z was the first one to show me this community. at the time I sorta-kinda-liked dreadlocks, but they weren't of particular interest to me. I am, a few months later, having made myself a journal and been lurking you all on a regular basis, and with three funny tails sticking out of the side of my head. I was scared of posting for a while due to my proportional lack of dreads, but I saw some fellows in the same situation posting lately and decided to go for it.

here's the first skinny baby, which you can barely see poking out from behind my ear:

and here's just after the birth of the second guy, a psuedo-fattie I named buddy:

and this is how I wear my hair 90% of the time now:

some close-ups:

and, just for reference, what my hair looks like down:

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