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Chaos killed the dinosaurs.

2-Year Timeline

I'm feeling pretty lame again. I had intentions of making the effort to really be a part of this community...and then I kept putting off posting. I just went back & found out that I didn't make some of the posts that I thought I did, so...epic timeline time!

Getting started with Lish:
8-month timeline:

Halloween, 2008. I was a zombie cavegirl and my boy was a ... devil accountant from the 80s or something haha.

Cavegirl, Cat, Waterhorse.

10 months. I brushed out a few dreads to make some bangs. That giant poofball of hair was horrifying to me.

11 months. I discovered that I liked french-braiding my dreads (they're actually french-braided as I type this). I was also most pleased with my bangs.

I really liked when my hair was all blonde. I'm hoping to get back to that someday.

12 months. I really liked how squiggly they looked :)

My boy took me to the range to shoot my first gun; it was slightly terrifying but totally awesome too. I'm not a bad shot either :)

13 months. Dyed my entire head neon pink. Loved it until it started growing out.

Had a belated Christmas party in February; got some Onion books out of the white elephant gift exchange, which was pretty sweet.

14 months. This is when the roots started growing out and I just thought I looked dirty all the time.


Went wine tasting with my folks; I don't think they knew quite how much I like wine.

17 months. Cut off a few dreads on the left side and shaved the rest; then reattached the other bits elsewhere. It's a one-sided dreadhawk? I don't know. I just felt like doing it and I did. Can't convince myself to do the other side, though.


18 months. Stretched my septum to an 8g.

19 months. My best friend that I hadn't seen in years drove 14 hours to come see me for my birthday because she's awesome. I had dyed my bangs red in an attempt to do...something.


20 months. Re-bleached and felt a LOT better about life.

Did a self-portrait of that picture for a visual effects class.

21 months. Went to a free bluegrass festival in Golden Gate Park with some friends and did shrooms for the 1st time. That was the best day I'd had in a longgg time. I really like how my dreads are looking at this point; I like how the texture looks.

22 months. Pumpkin carving party :)

Posted this for that post about what your nape dreads look like. In my case, they look like nothing because that hair refuses to dread. Also had stretched my septum to a 6g! I think 4g is my goal size.

23 months. Not sure why I was looking so smug with myself haha.

They're getting longer! This makes me happy.

I suppose that's it. I don't seem to have any pictures of me from the last month at the moment (or, ones that I could post here; I took some last night that I'll be posting in n_k later), but they're bright red/pink at the moment. It was a shock at first at how bright they were, and then I got used to it and loved it, but now I'm kinda wishing it would wash out already so I can try something else. I was actually considering trying brown out sometime soon, but I'm not sure. I've been blonde for such awhile now that trying anything else seems too dark. We'll see :)

Okay, I rambled on enough. I hope everyone has an awesome day, and I hope to be around more to post more soon!
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