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uh hi!

So, I've bee lurking around for a while and thought I'd come out. I just started my second set of dreads. I really feel like I owe it to myself, to finally have some fucking awesome dreads. My boyfriend really came through for me and help me section them like he promised a year ago. :D

My old dreadies were very poorly sectioned and not well maintained. Eventually, they grew together at the roots and I ended up having to brush them all out. It took three days and some serious conditioning. I had them in for about 10months. I loved them. They were all different sizes, I loved all the beads I dressed them with, and I loved all the memories they locked in place. I got really sad and anxious without them.

Its been about 2 years since then. I think the time is right. My tips are locking up so fast. I guess that is because that hair used to be apart of my old dreads. They are one week old, and just had a wash. I kept the hair in front straight, like super long bangs. I've been keeping them braided so they don't mix too much with my forming dreads. I really like the contrast the braids and dreads make, so I'll probably keep it braided.

picture time!
The only pic of my old dreads that I can find. There is one that shows off my beads floating around somewhere. I'll post that when it turns up.

Here is an in between my old dreads and the new set.
ima elf

Meet my kitty. Hugo had dreads, too. He likes to lay in glue. One day he laid in some epoxy glue and developed some armpit dreads. Then, he started getting dreads everywhere. He had them for a year, and then one day he chewed them all off.

Now for my new dreads!
To show length:
ands, a face:
1 week just washed

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