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So, my dreads have been doing some really interesting things the past couple weeks. There were big loops on many of the ones in the back, maybe an inch or two from the bottom... and now those are mostly choosing to double over on themselves and dread into chunky little barrels, which is pretty wicked awesome. I'm pissed because I don't have a camera for pictures! I've dyed my hair twice since I last took photos, and I find the lack of documentation is bothering me now... But that has nothing to do with anything. I really just wanted to ask a question:

Sculpey Clay beads in dreads, yay or nae?

It's a porous clay, which is why I thought I'd see if anyone has been there/done that before doing so myself. I got a huge case of 25 colors as a gift, so naturally beads were my first concern! I thought sealing the clay in some liquid latex post-baking might be a good idea? But I'm hesitant.

I'd like to add that I've been lurking lately without realizing I wasn't logged in. Once I did log in just now I found I've been missing out on all the friends-locked posts for the past few weeks. Looking through to find posts I've missed was basically the thrill of my morning! You all are gorgeous! :D
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