redreadhead (redreadhead) wrote in get_up_dread_up,

Newbie =)

Hello everyone =) New member from Germany here ;-)
I started my dreads 5 days ago and I'm really happy with them so far ^^ they're quite fuzzy but I don't mind (yet :D)

This was taken on Day 3 (sorry for not smiling :D)

Anyhow, the real point of this post was to tell you guys about what happened to me today - not even a week into my dreads, and I'm already faced with idiots ^^ or rather, one of them... at the petrol station today an older gentleman decided to question my intelligence and my ability to cut my hair, all because I didn't move to the next petrol pump (where I wouldn't have been able to get the petrol I wanted). What my hair had to do with the whole thing is beyond me, but I guess what startled me is that apparently it really is that weird to have dreads around here... the whole story then turned quite amusing when a woman who had witnessed the incident approached me and said that if she were me, she'd sue him and that if I chose to do so, she would be my witness :D
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