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Damn, where you come from?

So yeah, it's been QUITE a long time since I've posted last. I think one of my last posts was a little after I combined all my locs!


Well I'd gone to a local concert recently to support [and get high from the boom of] local Chicago band MEQQA at the Double Door. Well my 'ride-or-die' took pics and actually caught some that got my hair in action! I usually tie my hair back cottonmouthdn -style, but whenever I listen to these guys I have to let it go. So...uhm...


In the car, messing with my new camera trying to steal shots of everyone...from the driver's seat.
Next, about halfway through the show and I was feeling a bit hyped before MEQQA came on.

One of my longlasting friends. I absolutely LOVE his sense of humor. It's so chill, it catches you off-guard!
So..just a note to the wise...I usually claim my space to self-mosh by the end of the first song. Everyone just stands around!!!

Left to right: Keith, Sasha, Johanna, Jeremy, Mike = MEQQA.
They rox my soxorz. See the people just standing around? I make myself look like such an outcast, but hey; at least I HAD FUN.

I was SOOOOOO tired after the concert. And I had to do all the driving.
....bitches. Fuck my lovely friends.

Aaaaand last, but not least, thanks to the photographer! LaTia!!! Yaaaay!!!
She's the 'ride-or-die' that I spoke about earlier. =D

Oh yeah, point at those boobs. XP
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