franchesca (chescaleigh) wrote in get_up_dread_up,

Thiago Santos

ok. i don't usually geek over hot guys or models (mainly because i have a fine man of my own) but a few weeks ago i rode the subway with this GORGEOUS guy with locs and i just couldn't stop staring at him! he totally caught me and i came sooo close to asking if he was a model, but the train was packed and i felt like it would've been awkward. i instantly recognized him from a modeling site but i couldn't remember his name! well his name is Thiago Santos and he rides the uptown F. what what. anyway, one of my favorite hair blogs, lecoil just posted some of his photos and i had to share. not only is he hot, but i think it's really awesome that a model with locs (and freeform at that!) is getting some exposure and attention. i really hope his career takes off. enjoy!

bad photo editing alert...yikes

PS. Let me tell you, he is even better looking in person. Holy crap.

PSS. now that i know what stop he lives on i'm totally going to be stalking him.

PPS. he's only 17. so now i feel like a perv.

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