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I just had to share. Funny things happen at school!

I am a teacher at a girls' school in the UK, in a very rough area to be honest. But I do like all the students I teach and they usually get on really well with me as I apparently "don't look like a teacher" and they can ask me about piercings and tattoos. Oh, and cultivating silly hair of course. :D

Yesterday I was marking some work and I found a rather unflattering portrait of me in one of the folders. The caption with it read: "Miss M---, get some real hair and wash it."

After I stopped rolling around laughing (it was a brilliant caricature) I fought the urge to frame it and handed the picture over to one of the assistant headteachers.

My artistic pupil got a whole day in the 'planned removal' room and then came to apologise to me. She was actually really mortified and ashamed, poor thing.

I told her that she could (since she is super-smart) have taken the picture home or at least put it in another person's folder...Not leave it there for me to find! D'oh.

Here's some recent pictures of the nest on my head (washed every week and conditioned too, I'll have you know!)


A recent one of the back of my bonce. Taken at Whitby Abbey as myself and sensibleken celebrated an entire year together after meeting through this very medium!


I'm just so lucky :D
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