Patricia (censorshipnow) wrote in get_up_dread_up,


ackkkkkk... the end of a dread broke off.

(it actually was a dread that formed way later than all the others, it used to be a small chunk of loose hair that dreaded on its own... so it was really thin.) i had gotten into the habit of messing with it when i was nervous, since it was a fairly long dread within good reach of my right hand.

but yesterday i felt it just.. "slip out".. it happened pretty easily. it was pretty shocking at first. some parts of my hair have gotten pretty damaged from bleaching (like that one).. but most of my hair is doing great.. (like the newer growth especially.)


i look half asleep but i like the way my hair looks.

roots growing in. boyfriend says he likes the look of roots. i think he is just tired of helping me with my hair ;D

my hair looking rather pink here with my pet bearded dragon, who has gone missing and its a complete mystery where she has gone to. i cant even imagine what parents go through when their kids are missing, based on what ive felt when a pet/animal goes missing :( shes like my kid. but people assure me they've had their dragons re-appear up to a month later, healthy as can be so..

thanks for looking, i hope everyone else is staying happy and healthy and getting enough sunlight during these dark months.
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