uleavemebleedin (uleavemebleedin) wrote in get_up_dread_up,

Will I ever see you again?

Ok so we all know the dilemma that i've been having with my hair wanting to go back to my natural colour!!
Well two days ago i made a decision that the only way to do that without destroying my hair was to say goodbye to my dreads:( I was unhappy with the colour, the sectioning and the condition of them so it was time to say farewell!

The very first day.. my first mistake was adding extension straight away (March 09)

then i went half black half fuchsia(may 09)

then bright red all over  and added more extensions(august 09)

Doing regrowth with henna and looking goofy

out in the sun (nov 09)

had a fair bit of shrinkage (dec 09)

Cut off all my extensions so they were quite short (dec/jan09)
then went yucky brown
then i started combingha ha DREAD FRO'
all the hair i combed out
from the back and the front
i kept  one for sentimental reasons which is extended with hubby's hair and the three beads which my son chose when i first started my dreads
I was really quite surprised at the condition of my hair it is so thick and healthy now it hasn't been like that since i was 12.  The colour is shocking but it will take awhile to get back to natural, I'll let it grow and i think i'll dread back up at the end of the year.

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