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1 year timeline

So my dreads are a year old this month. I'm not exactly sure what day, but it's remarkable, looking back, that it's already been a year.
My dreads kind of come with a story, because they sort of mark a journey for me.

This was kind of the beginning ^^ I am naturally blonde :p

So I left home when I was seventeen. For me, home was chaotic, broken, frustrating. I have a long history of physical and sexual abuse growing up, and I was also leaving behind a three and a half year relationship with my high school sweetheart. He was also extremely abusive and leaving him was the single hardest and most terrifying thing I've ever done.

Anyway, I just kind of took off. I didn't know what I wanted and I kind of lost it. Dealing with everything after the fact was so difficult for me; it was crippling.

I started my dreads about seven or eight months after leaving home.

I feel like they've grown and changed with me in this past year, so much. I've gone through anger, despair, joy, loneliness, and I've had so many experiences. Until very recently I lived out of my backpack, which was so liberating.
If I wanted to be somewhere else, all I had to do was stick out my thumb and go.
The kindness I've received from strangers, the friends I've made, and the obstacles I've scaled...I feel like they're all knotted up in my hair because as I grew and strengthened, so did they.

They're also kind of measure of the care I've started putting into myself. I dealt with a lot of shame about my looks and my body in life...my dreads are a way for me to self-love, and the fact that I've put so much energy into something that's purely for me, and that they are so aesthetically pleasing to me...wow.

I also became vegan a little before dreading my hair, which means something to me. I've gotten to know myself so much over the past year, and I feel like they marked not only an end to something sad, but a beginning to something great.

Thanks for reading, on to the pictures:

^^ I dyed my hair red first.

This was the first day.

I made this dress out of curtains I found in a dumpster, haha 

^^ This was my first ever crochet project :D

^^ Practicing shooting my longbow in the desert

This is my friend Caitlin, and those are her perfect teeth.

^^ My best friend and I being possibly the most attractive we've ever been.

The weekend I was I her house I striped one of my dreads.

Another very attractive picture of me.

^^ These are the two boys I squatted a house with all summer. We were about to go to the beach :/

Morning after camping. I win at candid shots.

This is when I really started to lose length and see them tightening up. I'd say this was about...July? I'm terrible with dates.

Again with the candid shots.

^^ A costume party. I was Dr. Horrible :D

Halloween, of course.

^^ These are the convertible mittens I made/posted awhile back

My mother and I being charming at Thanksgiving.

Then, I extended them!


My mom, brother, and I being charming again.

Ahaha. I'm silly.

At the Exploratorium in San Francisco. Free day!

Also the Exploratorium.

The co-op I used to live at, on and off, in Oakland. That's my friend Fish, and in the edge of the frame is my friend Mando. Oh yeah, I play piano!

My roommate now, and the one of the boys I used to squat with.

Sometimes we wrestle.

This is my friend Shawna's kitten, who loves my dreads. She loves them a little too much, actually.

A couple weeks ago my roommate took this of me.


I win at candid shots. This may be the most awesome picture of me ever taken.

Jellyfish shot outtake.

I took macro shots to compare textures. This is a shot of my actual hair.

This is the treated hair I used for the extensions.

Thanks for looking. :)
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