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3 months!

 These past three months have been pretty crazy. It's my last year of high school, and although I've finished all the college apps/essays, I've still got scholarships to apply for. Oy vey. I also got my first job, which I'm in love with. And I figured out what I want to study. Sooo the times they are a changin'. But that doesn't mean I'm looking forward to four AP tests come May. :P

Yay 3 months!

two months above.

three months for all that follow.
and, uhh, pretty sure this is the same sweater as two months. huh.

they're really kinky and fun, and this picture doesn't do them justice. they're crazy in the back! i should take some better pictures soon that shows texture more.

makin' korean pancakes! and apparently this shirt gets see-through with a white bra. the more you know!

we made a feast. giant sushi rolls with rice, avocado, carrots, cucumber, and spinach. curry with carrots, zucchini, mushrooms. soybean curd pockets stuffed with seasoned rice. korean pancakes (filled with brown sugar! so good!). plus leftover pastries i brought from work...oh man. you don't even know. :)
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