_pureassnow (_pureassnow) wrote in get_up_dread_up,

To dread, or not to dread...

That is the question!

-I have always, ALWAYS adored dreads.
-I'm in college where 'experimenting' is slightly more acceptable, in my opinion at least
- the only thing holding me back, is the length of my hair: I can't decide if I should grow it out a few more months first or just take the plunge over spring break.

-OR, I was considering putting in just a few while growing. If that is even possible
-YES, I have done lot's, and lot's of research on dreads. Fret not. However, I'd still like your advice.
-P.S. Sorry if this kind of post is not acceptable.....

Now, to begin with the pictures:
This is my hair when it was long and brown and I let it do whatever it want:

A lot happened in between then and now because I'd say atleast four years have passed. This is my hair at the moment:

I saw these beauties in a recent post and I am terribly sorry for borrowing your pictures, but I couldn't find a better way to ask my question.
Is there a way to control what kind of dreads you end up with? Ideally I'd like the thinner ones..but these would be my dream dreads:

And again, my apologies if this isn't allowed. I promise to do a follow up post with whatever I end up doing. I just couldn't think of a better group of people to turn to for advice.

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