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i like liking things that no one else likes

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it's been a while since i posted a buncha pix last.. i've been overly busy with the new semester starting (5 classes), working 30+ hours a week & juggling time well spent on homework, my family (sis mainly) + my bebe-boo.. oh yeah! don't forget sleeping too!!

when i come home tired after a long nite at work, i like to..

beanie dork!!

.. take my hat off & let my hair down!!


to the right & to the left of my vertical labret, you can see the indentations of where my lip rings used to be!!


i wish this towel was my bebe-boo..


up close & personal!!

in yo face!!

an aerial perspective!!

my hair looks floof-da-fied!!

my new comfy sweater-suit jacket

stylin' yo!!

one of tha new scarfs my sis got me for Xmas..


.. and the other scarf my sis got me for Xmas!!


what is my scarf hiding?!

whatz unda there?!

i thought this pic was hott: a tie hiding my nips coz ima "girl"!!

my nips don't exist

tha tie + my leaf!!

a corporate punk


say what?!

a washed out wife-beater picture + dirty laundry!!

white as white can be!!

just me -n- my leaf!!

so i'll act like a tree & leave/leaf

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