redreadhead (redreadhead) wrote in get_up_dread_up,

One month, one week, four days

Hello everyone!
Finally got around to taking some decent pictures this morning and thought I'd share them with you =)
Now, if only my mother would stop telling me to "just get a professional to do it" - I've been trying to convince her that it would make no difference except that I'd have no money left and my hair would probably be sticky with wax and whatnot... so yeah... I've told her that I can show her some info sites, if she wants, but she doesn't... *sigh*

On another note, tomorrow will be the last time we perform Woody Allen's Mighty Aphrodite wth our school theatre group... and I play the whore, wearing a blond wig... and now everyone is telling me that blond really suits me and asking whether I'm going to bleach my hair... and I don't know... I'm proud of my red hair, but I've really gotten a taste for destroying messing with my hair... Anyhow, here the promised pics:

I've got a lot of loose hair at the nape of my neck... I'm hoping it'll knot up by itself sometime...

Aaaaand one of me in costume ;)
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