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dreads and life at sea

So I got this awesome job as an observer - a biologist on commercial fishing vessels in the north pacific. I am going to be at sea for 6 months, coming back in a few times for a few days here and there. I am super excited about the adventure that is ahead!! Training is in Anchorage and I will also be spending some time in Seattle.

I'm going to be collecting data about catch size, species composition, as well as taking biological samples, etc. Data goes to the government so they can set sustainable fishing limits. I am going to be cutting open fish stomachs and be around lots and lots of fish slime and ocean grime and diesel smell. I'm a little worried that my dreads will come back fishy and gross, so I've been trying to come up with ways to protect them. I'm looking for more ideas. I probably won't be able to do a deep clean for the entire 6 months, and I'm thinking I won't be able to wash them frequently either.

Also, does salt water have any benefit for already mature dreads?

these are my dreads

I got a shower cap and a strip of fabric and have been experimenting with covering them in a wrap, but I'm not too confident with that and it took me kind of a while to wrap it all up. I want something quick, easy, and secure. Any suggestions?


Plus, it is likely going to be cold and windy on deck. My regular winter hat style follows. This works out pretty well for me on dry land, but at sea I will have a rain suit and hood and hoods don't really work with this large protrusion off the back of my head. I'd like to keep my dreads covered but can't figure a way to do this with a hood staying up. Again, suggestions are welcome!
just a bun with a big ol hat over the whole thing

And just a couple extra pics



My boy got this nice new camera and together they take some pretty good photos. If you felt inclined you could check out his stuff at and my mom makes dread beads that are pretty nice Thanks (:

and kind of an aside because I know this topic comes up frequently - dreads and getting a job/interviews. I have only done phone interviews for this job and won't meet the guy that hired me until training next month. My dreads and appearance had absolutely no impact on my getting the job.
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