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hi kiddies. im saruh, 16, nyc, ive had my dreads for five months today! (happy five months, dreads!)
anyhoo...i would like to post pics here but my computer doesnt like some websites and when i join photobucket or whatever, it doesnt link me to some of the buttons. or rather the buttons dont link me so i can never finish posting pics, thus all this trouble.
but i actually have a question....roots
HAH ok well i tried rubbing the roots clockwise against my scalp and that works for some of them, but some of them dont care. they just stay undreaded. maybe there isnt enough hair or maybe they are too long?? i dont know i was hoping you guys might have advice
if i leave em' alone will they just dread up even tho the rest of my hair is pretty much completely locked?
i backcombed them and waxed them until two months ago by the way :)
and i think all of you are bootiful
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