Katie (journalface) wrote in get_up_dread_up,

extending manda's dreads!

i had the pleasure of extending the lovely tastelesssoda's dreads the other day! she had a fat braid of hair cut off from her special lady friend's head that i used to create the extensions. since she has some dreads on the underside that are still forming, we chose to wait to extend her entire head, but got a good chunk of work done. the extensions will tighten with washes and the sizes should match up well.

the color match between manda's dreads and her girl's hair is pretty close. manda's hair has a more blonde highlight to it, but my camera really pops the difference and it's not anywhere near as noticeable IRL.

pretty, pretty manda!

thanks for looking at my work! i always love working on fellow gudu-ers. :D
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