Hearth Keeper (silverwitch) wrote in get_up_dread_up,
Hearth Keeper

Hey everybody -

I hardly ever post on here, but I've been a member of this community for a good long while now. I always enjoy salivating over looking at all the pictures of everybody's beautiful dreads. But anyway - to the point of this post.

I have wanted to put my hair in dreads for a few years now, and have tried to get them started on my own. But much to my dismay, and I knew this already, I suck at hair. Especially at my hair. I've knotted and taken out, knotted and taken out and despaired. I don't know what to do! My question is does anyone know of anywhere in Indiana that I could go to get some help putting my hair together as it were? I would be grateful for any suggestions any of you might have. Thanks!
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