katelou08 (katelou08) wrote in get_up_dread_up,

Hello Everyone! I'd like to ask ALL of you a question...

I'm in Communications 200 at University of Louisiana at Lafayette. We are giving Persuasive speeches in about two weeks. Guess what I decided to do mine on!? Guessed? "Dreadlocks are the most beautiful hairstyle." I mean I know it is a lifestyle also, but I have to be less broad. =(
Anyhoo, on to my question. Is anyone okay with me printing out a few photos and putting it on a poster? I will give you full credit and everything. I'm asking because sometimes I see people with stuff all over there posters and I wonder if they even asked. I will only print photos of people who are okay with this. Thank you so much. I'll even have an old dreadlocked me on there.
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