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so! it's been quite a while...

whoops. bayimg seems to have gotten rid of the photos i hosted there. SERVES ME RIGHT for trusting a third-party host. it has been fixed. also, i got some of the timeline wrong so i fixed that too.

hey! i haven't posted in here in like..three? years.

short recap:

- i cut my first set off for a job. NEVER FUCKING AGAIN. ugh. worst decision of my life.
- pencil_dharma gave me my second set! but i was her guinea pig, so i had to redo a lot of them. plus my hair was thinning out a bit when it was done, so my second set looks a LOT different.
- i gave ^ HER second set of dreads! she takes great care of them and i've been doing fairly regular maintenance on hers so they look quite clean.
(you can see pencil_dharma 's introductory post here)

oh, right. so, here's what i look like now (yes, the rubber bands around my fingers are the kind i use for dreading. this was in the middle of nik (pencil_dharma) and i dreading a friend's hair):
and, um, a metric shit-tonne more! seriously, don't click if you're on a slow connection.

here we are building bikes!

and here are some shots from the back! for those that didn't read my original posts from a while back, i don't band the tips of my dreads until they've been in for about a year so i get a nice kind of curl going on.

and here we are with a friend in front of Cafe Envie in the French Quarter. i love living in New Orleans.

pencil_dharma is one fancy photographer.

this was right after we first moved into our community house! (and didn't have running water. haha)

from left to right: our friend (and ex-housemate) leanna, me, and pencil_dharma:

and one of our guests! i'm on the left and he's on the right (my dread-bangs look kind of like antennae?)

now, nik(pencil_dharma) and i do a lot of dreading and dread maintenance, so if you ever want to hop right down to new orleans (we live right across the street from a hostel!) and have some work done, we'd love to have a meal with you and work on your dreadies! plus we're on a commonwealth system at the House of the Rising Son (our community house), so any and all money you give us for it goes right into the House and then right back into the neighborhood! (probably in the form of bikes for those who can't afford them, since that's our biggest project).

here's a short little portfolio of the work i've done, AND some bonus photos of pencil_dharma because she was a jerk and didn't include some of the really awesome photos.

these were, i believe, six days after i finished.

i mean, seriously. have you EVER seen shit that clean and tight six days after a dreading? and no, we don't use wax. ever.

here's a shot of nik three weeks after dreading.
(actually, my exact words to her when i took the photo were "try to look like you're enjoying this.")

and another one

and to finish off the photos of nik, she mentioned in her post in here that i recently put some extensions in. you can see photos of that here (but without the dye job. personally, i think they looked AWESOMEE before the dye job, but whatevs.)

and LASTLY (yeah yeah. sorry for all the photos. :), here are some shots of our friend leanna. she doesn't have dreads anymore, but these were taken a week after i finished getting them in.

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