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Hey. I want to say thanks for all of you giving your helpful insight the other day with my little dillemma. The verdict of the situation? I ended up following my heart and getting my hair dreaded again. My friend backcombed the crap out of them so they shrunk down to 2-3 inches long from the starting point of barely touching my shoulders. The longest one is maybe four inches. Maybe.

We did a total of 21 dreads. They're short, fat and fluffy, but they're freaking adorable and my heart feels so full of joy and appreciation that I went through with it. (I'll post photos when I get some time.)I read through the memories about having rubber bands at the very end (tip) of the dreads, and from what I could gather, it seemed as though it wouldn't harm them in the very beginning on short(er) dreads. So I ended up banding the ends. I did this because they're so small and I don't want them to fall apart, even though the backcombing is pretty solid.

Am I right in my interpretation of what the memories said or should I take the little bands off of the tips? I don't want to cause problems for the babies in the future. If I missed anything in the memories further explaining this, sorry in advance.
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