leighanne (kvlt_brvtality) wrote in get_up_dread_up,

Well, hello there, loves

I don't believe I've posted before, but I've learned all that I know about ze dreadlocks from this community and I want to thank you all.  ;)
My name is Leighanne, and I live in Northwest Alabama. 
This journey has been a long and beautiful one, losing and regaining faith in my ability to have gorgeous locks. We're gonna make it.

Let's see if I remember this LJ cut business.

It all started one June evening, with help from some friends :

a week later, I was being weird and gross in California. (sorry, absolutely best photo I could find. sad.)

a month later, back in Oakland, they started to fall..

at 5 months old, the back matted up quite nicely, and the rest became pretty much brushable hair again

6 months:

7 months of letting them be

at 8 months I backcombed again!

at 9 months, i apparently wasn't doin' it right, and back to brushable it was

so i backcombed and palmrolled like hell

then did some crocheting

my babies were shapin up last week

and today, at 10 months, lookin; much better =D

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