Katie (journalface) wrote in get_up_dread_up,

maintenance session: fiercecupcake & an update of tastelesssoda's extenstions!

hi all! i have two things to show you today. i did moderate root separation, minor combining, and a loose hair cleanup on fiercecupcake's six-month-old locks last week. pictures below.

i also did some repair to the joints on tastelesssoda's three-week-old extensions on eight-month-old locks and a quick loose hair cleanup. this appointment was free of charge to amanda, as it was a result of my learning curve with the hair we used.





two skinny dreads:

aforementioned skinny dreads combined into one dread:

the underside before:

the underside after:


and now onto tastelesssoda!

before joint fixing & loose hair cleanup. you can see how the extensions have tightened and become a better size against her dreads.

weak joint.

fixed joint!

after 3 major joint repairs, a few minor joint repairs, 3 new dreads, and a very quick cleanup. note: her hair is not greasy or waxy. the hair we used was not an exact color match, and my camera pops the slightest differences in color when the flash is used. it does not look nearly this different in person.

manda rocking her brand new hawk hat that she purchased from my etsy! this is a better idea of the color match.

thanks for looking, friends. :)
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