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so here in Portland, Maine we do a fun thing called the Art Walk. it happens on the first Friday of every month. we went last Friday. and then on Saturday we got ice cream and went to the Limington Rapids. the water was so ridiculously high!

Art Walk

Allie and Chris, huddling to be warm. i've had my dreads a few months longer than her

this picture was a complete accident, but i really like the way it came out

and this is Monica. i did dreads on her probably last May. and she had A LOT of hair. then she cut them off. and now her hair is just about long enough to dread again.

Ice Cream/Rapids
my mom totally rules and bought us ice cream because it was ridiculously hot that day

i'm excited! and you can see a couple of Heather's dreadies in the background. we are currently working on combing hers out. she has 14 (!!!) dreads that are all connected at the roots.

now i'm even more excited to have the ice cream

i love this girl so freaking much!

i found an acorn hat

i've never seen this part of the river so flooded. there are big ginormous rocks that these trees grew between. usually the rocks are uncovered.

also, normally, you can walk over to the island that is behind Adam in this picture

but not right now. haha

and i bought this dress yesterday and i am just excited about how adorable it is :]

have a nice night! :]
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