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hi everyone, im new :]. so my name is erin and i live in new jersey and i'm 20. i just joined this community and i figured i should introduce myself before i start getting into stuff.

so, i've been considering dreads since i was around 15. i remember trying to do them once and being really serious for about an hour (where i had not even moved past one piece of hair) before i gave up. i didn't know much about hair then. over the past two months, this is ALL i've been talking about, whether or not i want to do it and asking lots of questions to anyone who knew stuff about them. after thinking about it, i realized i'm at a good place in my life and ready to commit to something and ready to do something different. i'm very indecisive sometimes and even though it has only been a few hours since i finished, i feel good making a permanent choice for once.
so, i was really bored earlier and i was like, you know what, fuck it. it's HAIR hahah and it's something i haven't lost interest in for around 6 years so as an early birthday present (may 11!), i started them today! they're little babies and i love them already.
i back combed them and twisted them to no end then palmrolled. i did use wax but its only because my hair is really really weird and won't really do anything without product. i don't really plan on continuing with it though cause i really don't like the way it feels and i don't want a ton of buildup. dirty hair isn't classy :P
so under the cut, pictures and questions to the veterens :) it's my first time around so be patient with me. i did my research but there is nothing like first hand advice from people who have been doing it for a long time :)

front view. my bangs aren't done, i wanna leave them undone but i twisted them back.

one side.

other side.

and the back which doesn't look nearly as good :( all in time, though!

for the record, this is me with un-dreaded hair.

i alwaysss wore it curly. but i was bored with it to be honest.

well, i got lots of mixed reactions from people. a lot of my friends were mad cause i have really nice hair. but i told them my hair will be just as nice this way too! my best friend helped me put some of them in and she'd gonna help me keep them nice (she went to cosmetology school but she was confused cause she had only worked on textured hair before) but i do have a few questions. sorry if any of them are stupid. i'm just confused.

-first off, washing tips for new baby dreads and shampoo recommendations? in general, i hate washing my hair =X i really only do it once a week because my hair hardly ever gets greasy but i'm just wondering if there is a waiting period i should have before i start washing these fresh little things.

-i have also read that i need to roll them everyday. what about back combing and everything i have already done? should i repeat any of this and how often?

-if i'm not using wax to keep the frizzies out, what can i use instead? one of the reasons i wanted to do this is to cease my ridiculous use of hair products. something natural to reduce my frizzies would be spectacular.

-talk to me about dying these puppies. no matter what, i will probably always want to dye my hair. even if i keep dreads for the rest of my life. i just like to. i'm wondering if and how i can go about this and when. there is no rush at all, i'm just curious.

basically, any advice is appreciated! i'm totally new to this. i know a lot already but things you read on the internet are just not the same as hearing things from people who have first hand experience with something. the memories on here are fabulous but i figured i need to hear it first hand, you know.

phewwwwww. sorry for the longest post ever! thank you :]
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