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Tired beyond tired, kind of.

Hello GUDU! How is everyone?

I know I just posted recently (like two or three days ago) but I stumbled across an opportunity of a lifetime and I need to know if GUDU approves of my decision...

I had a busy day today, what with school and work immediately after and nutsness.
I haven't even eaten much today which my lady is yelling at me for :o
There is a bright side to all the news:

Work was throwing out the ultimate goldmine of legal paper ever and they said I could have as much as I wanted...


...so naturally I took all of it! XD This face is pretty much saying "What on Earth am I gonna do with all of this paper?!"


I'm thinking maybe the worlds biggest sketchbook. Yes?

Also, I have soap carvings! Normally I would just use to soap, but this stuff doesn't smell all to great after I wash with it. So I thought of the next best thing, and with the power of my exacto blade I created:




A soap carving of my own head.
Call me conceited, it's fine, I'm just bored and with too much free time XD

And now, the Dreadlings!

My dreads are in the alert stance.

Upside down!

Headbanging! Wewt!

Oh, and feet.

That's it really. Just wanted to continue to share with you all.
Also, I haven't made any progress on the soapbox guitar. I'm still waiting for the machine tuning heads. They should be here soon, which means I'll nearly be done with the instrument. I'll let you guys know how it comes as I progress, and maybe a video of me playing if it's a successful build! ^^
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