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Quick nothing post

Hope you all are well and resting up for the next work week [or whatevs you do during the week] :)

As many of you do, whenever I see dreads I immediately think of this comm, and this morning was no different.

I came upon this pic through a comic I sometimes read called Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal. The creator linked to a fellow cartoonist, the creator of comic Templar, Arizona. Long story short, the comic has a Wikipedia entry and in said entry I found a pic of Charlie "Spike" Trotman, the lady-toonist. Look at these lovelies! Pic under the cut:

I haven't read much of the comic so I won't vouch for its amusement factor, but she is a talented cartoonist [IMHO] and I thought you guys would enjoy seeing the dreads. I truly think they are gorgeous.

Oh, and also, I got a kick out of her 'self-portrait':

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