spandorexxa (spandorexxa) wrote in get_up_dread_up,

Bad Advice?!

So I was bored, snooping about youtube witha cup of coffee and came across this video. The woman who did it seems to have a bit of a following for these dread tutorials, and having watched some theyre pretty neat (wax is bad, washing is good) but I couldn't help but think this one gave some particularly bad advice...'s her tutorial on bleaching dreads, where she specifies in the last thrid of the video a few times to "massage" the bleach "well in"...hmm. Now I've read Lishd's text and know from my own experience; bleach left in hair is bad (Pre dreads I lost my whole bangs to bleach once - long story)

I'd hate to think of people fucking up their dreads after watching this. I just felt the need to share. :/    Meh.
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