nei_tan (nei_tan) wrote in get_up_dread_up,

wacky messy wild hairs

hey alllll,

yikes, it's May already? how time FLIES! my hubby and I have been pretty dang busy. we moved to a new apartment in West Seattle in April, and have been in recovery mode ever since. we luuurve our new place, so many great places to eat and shop within walking distance. SUPER nice. I've also noticed a multitude of gorgeous dread-heads walking around here. one of our favorite places to go out to is called the West 5, and one of the waitresses has beautiful locks and tattoos, and is WAY HOT. I have a hard time not drooling when we go there. ;)

anyway! I was hoping to take some pictures of my locks this weekend, as the hub was brewing a new batch of beer outside on our fancy new patio, and I thought "HEY. photo opportunity!". the only problem is my camera decided that the its one and only memory stick is totally BORKED. I'd snapped a couple of shots of the wort (beer) during the boil, and uploaded them to my computer. when I put the memory stick back in the camera, it wouldn't even recognize it. UGH. I've had this camera since 2001, and I knew it was only a matter of time before it crapped out on me, but DANG.

so, all I have to offer today are some kinda-crappy webcam pics. such is life!

yessir, they sure are messy as hell. some days I love the mess, others... not so much. today is a "LOVE IT" sort of day, thankfully. but even on the messy and extra-goofy-lookin' days, what I'm starting to LOVE about them is the texture. I love running my fingers over my mess and feeling all the bumps and knottyness. it's so damn NEAT-O!

annnnnd, I have one more appointment with the kick-ass lishd next weekend, to dread up the last remnants of brushable hair, and fix a few "problem children". joy!

that's all for now. thanks for posting such great pics, everyone. I especially love the "dreads + new tattoo" posts, as I've been JONESING for a new tattoo myself. maybe later this summer I'll have saved up enough for one. stay tuned!
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