Commander Keen (punkisyummy) wrote in get_up_dread_up,
Commander Keen

questions and new pics

Few questions...
1) Can you use a hair straightener on dreads? Mine got reeaaalllly wavy the last time i washed them, as my hair always did when it was humid, and i hate it. Would it hurt them any or should i just wash em again and blowdry them better?
2) Does anyone have any pictures of dread a-lines? Ive only seen dread a-lines with fake dreads, so of course its really thick and looks neat. I wondered if anyone ever did it with real dreads.

ive recently went ginger. I was tired of the blond. My tips were manic panic ultra violet when it was still blond and have since been severely faded out. my dog is like "heyyy"

here we can see the back of my dogs head

kinda pushing it up.

this is my head upsidedown. notice how wavy the ones in the back are. yeesh.

my dreads are now a little over 3 months old.

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