vida_colorida (vida_colorida) wrote in get_up_dread_up,

In my last post I mentioned how I started my dreads the wrong way... out of rebellion, not independence.

I'll just say it was a fun ride and I'll be back some day...

How it all started. Dec 08

Backcombed the rest. Feb 09

They shrunk a lot. March, April, June, August 09

They straightened out. I started to love them again January 10

I shaved the sides and loved it. Feb 10

It took three weeks of combing all together. Anywhere that was r+t (mostly the ends) broke off. I didn't crochet much, but I ripped quite a few dreads in half and I'm suspecting that I lost a LOT of hair when I brushed those dreads.

Two still remain, and they say hayy all the time.

My hair has gotten much curlier (and healthier, thanks joico kpak) than this now... probably due to not using heat or chemicals any more.

And of course, some food.

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