justmyparanoia (justmyparanoia) wrote in get_up_dread_up,

fluff.. plush or something

Hi guys, something i struggle with last times is plush (other word for fluff right?) in my blonde dreads. It comes from some clothes i wear, and if i'm not fast enough with taking it out, it grows into my dreads. Because i've blonde dreads you can see it. This is something what really frustrates me, i don't want to touch my dreads. My dreads are more than 3 years old. Could it have to do something with the fact they getting older, so they attract more fluff because they're dry or something? And does someone over here have the same problems? And and.. does someone have a clue what to do?! I've checked the memories, and the only thing i came across was someone who had mysterious white stuff in his dreads. Wasn't really helpfull because i know it is fluff in my hairs, and it isn't white (not wearing white clothes) it's blue or black or something. Anywayss what would you guys recommend?

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