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Hey all~
Some pictures for ya guys & gals =)

my hair o_O

my roots are terribly grown out & only the top half of it is dreadied. like 32 or 33? & I did about 1/3 of em on Thursday. so like I said, Im takin my time : D  & Im letting the color go for the most part. I dont wanna bleach em this early. So, yea XD

I have some g-i-t-d stars floating around. *coughraver*

my kittehs 1st birthday is Tuesday. Notice the thumbs?? Tehe <3

livin room on a sunday mornin= sunny & warm= n_n
one more~

Haha my face is in the poster on the wall :P

But yea~ have a great day! Only 1 week of school, exams then sumsumsummAHH! 
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