johnny bubonic (brent saner) (krazednconfused) wrote in get_up_dread_up,
johnny bubonic (brent saner)

dreads, tallbikes, and superheroes, oh my!


i don't update as much as i should but i don't have a camera (other than my crappy-ass phone) and nik (pencil_dharma) takes so long to edit/move photos over from her camera.

here's a bunch of photos! PLUS! pencil_dharma IN AN EMBARRASSING GETUP! superhero tights lulz

first, a couple photos from my commune-mates' wedding day (you can see some more photos in nik's last post)

oh, hi matt (best man). i'm in the background! and OH SHIT I'M A LION (GET IN THE CAR!) (my dreadies pop up and out like that whenever i shower the night before. which is rarely. heh)

man, i clean up pretty well! (that's marc's youngest sister. we were cracking jokes while i walked her down the aisle)

here i am at our usual haunt, Cafe Envie on decatur st.
(i love that bandana so much. believe it or not, i found it at target! nik got a bunch of matching ones too 'cause she loved it so much. they're super awesome, they're very lightweight and thin, great for hot new orleans weather!)

and THEN last week (i think?) we had a surprise superhero party for marc (it was his 25th birthday!)
i stenciled up a green lantern shirt for him (he recently just got all the comics for the green lantern run, so he's been reading through it recently. also, the green lantern movie is filming in new orleans! and he has kinda a mancrush on ryan reynolds, so it's all pretty epic for him.)

as promised, embarrassing superhero photos of pencil_dharma! she actually pulled it off pretty well; she didn't have to buy a single thing for the costume.
this is what they wear when they fight crime.

then, tallbike riding!

whoo! i learned how to ride a tallbike!
(i was pretttyyy well toasted at this point. i kept getting my foot caught in the spokes of the rear wheel, hehe)
i am not following proper riding technique, namely i am not using the toes/balls of my feet and was instead using my arches. i was also riding drunk, which probably is not proper technique as well.

and danielle (who was significantly less drunk than i) also learned too. and rode it like a CHAMP!
here she is on her way to fight crime.

ummm... what else.

oh! i don't know if y'all saw these but i was helping marc with some bike welding, and nik wanted a photo because of the goggles i was wearing.

TEH GOOGLEZ; ZEY DO... well, something, akshually, judging by the fact that i can still see.

also, out of focus but we started a set of dreads for our friend charlee!

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