Delci Stanley (barisax324) wrote in get_up_dread_up,
Delci Stanley


Hello GUDU!  First and foremost i would like to thank you for your awesome memories. I would have done very naughty things without them. Secondly, my name is Delci, I have had dreads 4 times already...parents, babies, time... i couldnt keep them very well. This time however i hope to be able to have some rockin' ones and not have to take them out again... Believe me, taking them out made me very sad and i missed them like an old friend. :(  But, alas, i could not stay away forever. I have, yet again... for the FIFTH time made some more babies... dreadies that is. :D yaay. i am so excited. here are my pics. (I apologize if i screwed this up. not the best with computers.) They are officially one week old today!
i think i did a good job this time. :)
i love my baby blue. he's so cute. and the blue is really bright!

dont mind me, i need makeup and i suck at taking pics.

My Fattie and my Skinny

And it looks like i didnt screw up the back too much... thank God!

Thanks guys for takin the time. luv ya'll

Can you see blue yet? lol. the lighting was worse than i thought...
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