lellophant (lellophant) wrote in get_up_dread_up,

baking dates for mommy's day.

the cake contains a scant 4 c of sugar. the decorations were over a layer of butter cream icing and they're marshmallow fondant. nothing says i love you like diabetes.

i'm also without my keys and stranded until one of two nocturnal boys awaken and confirm their whereabouts.

bugs. monsters. whimsical foliage?

this is the one that shows my dreads. i dyed using henna as a base (12 hrs), then covered with punky's blue black (5 hrs). this is about 6 weeks after? they're in a settled state.

oh ya. to add color the process requires more icing sugar. to shape it to be able to put it on the cake, it requires more icing sugar. needless to say, we used 3 lbs of icing sugar for this endeavor. usually i sub a rolling pin for a rinsed out wine bottle. my friend who arranged the date brought it over...so much easier!

this would be the melted marshmallow being kneaded with icing sugar until it could be sculpted.

this is the friend who convinced me to live out the dreams of six year olds everywhere.

we don't really intend to eat it. but it was really fun and horrifying to make.
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