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This one's a doozy...

 Soo...I've been a VEERY LAZY BOY.

My 3-year anniversary was on March 25th. That's the day that my dreads were initially started. They were started by a beauty school. Apparently, they weren't allowed to continue twists. So I Went to them for about...Oh...2 months, maybe? It's been so long.

Anyway, I'm gonna try & do this thing in order and give as approximate of dates as I can.

This was about freshman year of high school. I had that mustache shadow going on. But my hair was CRAZY. I kept it like this half the time. If you look closely, you can see part of it is permed and the rest is nappy.

...then the Army happened. I cut my hair about 2 weeks before going in. I got a medical discharge, and this is what was left. :(

Around my birthday, I got these started. They were started at a beauty shop with some sorta gel. Started & restarted, they never truly started locking til a few months later like in May of 07.

Around May, I went to this one lady that had locks herself. I'm like "oh, I'm about to get the hookup!"
it looked more like this:

I didn't really know how to feel about it because the ones in the back were so different. The top ones were huge. Back & sides...eh. Smaller, to say the least.

So they continued like that for awhile. In the  below picture, I went to this cute lady that had resectioned my hair for me. Ripping dreads apart for me. IT HURT SO BAD. But it DID look better [to me] in the end. The pic below was months after the resection. Late '07

That pic was just about...oh, between November & January of 07-08.

Going a little further into 08, we run into this point. This is about the point I first started posting to GUDU! This was between spring/summer of 08. I think these were the exact 2 pics I used for my 1st or 2nd update, too.

I still had my original-sized locs at this time. After awhile, I hated that they were so small. The first dreads I saw were THICK [done from straight hair, at that!]. Dreads always reminded me of Sonic the Hedgehog since I was young [when Knuckles made his debut, I fell in love with him EASILY], and I used to live life by Sonic's suggestions lol.

Here's how small they were compared to my head. This is 1/2009

I didn't fully hate them, but I knew I'd love them more if they were bigger

As you can tell, I don't like to wear shirts haha

I had to show the craziness! That face makes me laugh. I can't remember why the hell I looked like that or who took the pic, but I definitely was NOT looking at a set camera. Someone was holdin' that.

ANYWAY! So I wanted thicker ones. I documented on GUDU my combining process! The userpic for this entry was one of the pics in the 'combination' post. :) Below are some others. This was around...February 09.

For some reason, in that last pic, I felt more tribal like Knuckles' race type of tribal. It was the rubberbands' strategic location.

After I braided all of the banded groupings [that I grouped myself, so I had no clue if they were really grouped as good as possible], I had to do my happy dance.

Fun icon. :) I thought it was quite cute.

This next pic was from late 2009. Prolly no later than September/October. It was still uncommonly warm for a time it should've been cool.

I didn't take pictures for awhile because my brother was stingy with his camera.
So we'll zoom to this year! 2010. Yaay.

I think these next few are from around new years. I was pissy drunk this day, but I was testing my new camera's 'sport' function [i usually don't trust them, but I wanted to make a GUDU update around this time as well]


In this pic, I was actually thinking of everyone in GUDU that used to do the dreadstache. I finally realized that I was able to do it too! I was only half-aware that someone was taking a picture, so I'm kinda glad that the blank stare is on my face! Say hi to one of my best friends, Matt! I call him my 'Mattinski'. Don't ask for any origins..even I don't know, haha! The below pic is like....a few months ago? March at the latest. OH! March 26, because one of my fav local bands & friends 'Inn Cinema' let me hear a new song they wrote by playing it live on-stage for me that night. Day after my birthday, I'd say I had a great time. :)

And if you want to see how they look, here's Inn Cinema!

I don't know when the hell these next pics were taken, but it was definitely after the above pics.

Sportin' my new 'Silent Sirens' shirt, another Chicago local band. This shirt was 100% for the Haiti relief. Hadda pick one up.

No one really knows me without a bandana nowadays. My coworkers of almost 1 year have only "seen my hair" one day out of all this time. haha

Meet my brother! I absolutely love him, no matter how annoying he can get or how mad he gets at me. [he's autistic, but EVERYONE in town knows him. He knows more people than I do!!!!]

I was just starting [being lazy] maintenance on my dreads.

The above pic is around the time I started noticing my hair 'separating over my shoulders'. I was SOOOOO happy. :D
Sorta like that.

And all the below pics were taken just hours ago!


There was some hair that was forcing a side-dread to go flat and almost airplane wing on the side of my head. I recently separated/ripped this hair from the dread it was winging. This was just a loose patch of hair, but over a few weeks, it's already started its process! It has NOT been cultured to do so [unlike the rest of my dreads], and this makes me happy. I'm going to try freeforming for the next year to see how it looks [cuz I'm SO tired of doing maintenance and my job accepts my locks].


Sorry, but that isn't the end.
My girlfriend, zekuromu , has been the only one that encouraged me to get dreads ever since I first mentioned my want of them back in my sophomore or junior year of high school in 02-03 or 03-04. I've wanted them since youth, but never mentioned them to anyone. When I started talking dreads, she was the only one that approved. Well I'm suspicious of her, because she said she wouldn't ever go that route. But with the way she feels about her hair currently [and with her wanting me to put in two-strand twists for her], I think she's trying to sneak into dreads herself!

This was her hair at first...

Perm/chemical/etc. To keep her hair straight, she did it. Spent a good amount of time getting her hair prepped for work in the morning, she did.

She started getting tired of it. Another friend of ours went the natural route [she's mixed] and her hair looks FABULOUS in the curls she keeps. So spaz started to want to go natural. After her hair grew out a bit, she started noticing WHERE the chemical was. She let me document her rough hair specifically for this entry.

I separated her hair so that I could play in it, which is why the part is up there.

I got more pictures, but she's hella naked and I don't feel like cropping them just yet. But YOU GET THE POINT. She'd grown her hair out. She wanted to go to a salon to get the excess cut. She wanted me to come with her. She'd slowly grown infuriated with the chemical-hair until...

She cut it herself! She just cut it as best she could and had me follow up with her to get what she was scared to get. The reaction by EVERYONE was that they loved it! Despite it not being perfectly 'rounded', everyone loved it. She never goes for a 'perfect fro'; she likes the natural curls that her hair pulls. She only washes it, uses Suave conditioner and finger comb it.

I like this pic alot. We were just coming from her "retreat from humanity" spot that she showed me and were under a bridge next to train tracks at the time.

That bridge.

She's my best friend as well as my first real love. :) Put up with learning how to do my hair then actually helping me keep up with it as often as she could.

So yeah! Uh. This post was months overdue, but I felt good today & felt I had enough pics to do a half-assed timeline. Thanks for keeping GUDU alive, everyone! I am one of those that do not post often, but I watch everyone else! Definitely rockin!

Does anyone in here have a personal favorite out of everyone in GUDU? I'm curious!
I have a couple folks, but I want to play hard to get. :)
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