rabbitranaway (rabbitranaway) wrote in get_up_dread_up,

Hiya, GUDU

After much lurking and reading of the memories I finally started a proper set of dreads~

but a little history and general 'OMG I love this community, thank you for learning me things'~

I've had a love of dreads since I can remember and because of this I started a set of dreads in high school, Sadly I was instructed to use wax by a dreaded friend :( , after about 2 months I couldn't stand the sticky weird feeling of my hair, the dreads seemed to eat everything fuzzy near me and started to smell....off so I chopped them off and assumed that dreads where just not for me. I hadn't stopped loving dreads and actually embarked on making synthetic dread extensions and playing with those off and on (how does GUDU feel about those?).

I've recently moved and in doing so I've gotten my life in a better order and even met some local dreaded peoples, who kindly pointed me in the direction of Dreadlock Truth. After some reading and then excited searching, I found this lovely community! lurking around here, checking out all the great photos everyone shares and reading the memories gave me the hope that I could start dreads properly this time!

My new dreadss,may
please don't mind the lack of makeup >.>

My new dreadss,may

My new dreadss,may
The little guy hanging out my my ponytail is my favorite to fidget with...

My new dreadss,may

They're 6 days old~ and I love them, I have fatter ones and skinny ones and the texture makes me soo happy and I've talked my dad into helping me keep up with the back. Do expect to see more from me and if I've made any mistakes or anything I apologize in advance.

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