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Extended my locks!

This is my second attempt at this post, since the previous attempt resulted in me SOMEHOW deleting the entire entry on my last sentence. AWESOME. That's not frustrating at all!

So, about a week ago I created a set of dreadlocks out of kanekalon hair, and then I (methodically and painstakingly .. might I add that it took FORTY-EIGHT HOURS?!)extended my dreads! They were only about 3 weeks old at the time, but as I had created my set with the backcomb, then crochet, method, I figure that they were tight enough to handle the extensions. My real dreads are about 6 inches long themselves, and with the extensions, they now reach to about boob length. Now, I know that the kanekalon hair won't last forever. Someone told me that they will eventually fall out, because they won't mat up as my real hair would? I haven't yet had a problem, as I crocheted them in very tightly, and I really don't fear that they're going to fall out, but she kind of made me worry. I searched the memories, and I hate to ask, haha, because I know how you guys direct the majority of questions to the memories, but I really scoured them and didn't find what I was looking for. How long can kanekalon hair extension dreads last in real dreads?

Anyways, I love my dreads so much! I lurked for such a long time .. two years or so, gathering information, haha, and I love this community. I've been directing anyone who asks me questions about starting their own set to this place.

During the process .. I call this "pineapple head!"

The day after I completed them!

Being foolish, haha

Trying to get a shot from the back
(I had my hair back in a "half pony" thing, but you can hardly tell)


Thanks for looking, namaste!
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