drownme_infire (drownme_infire) wrote in get_up_dread_up,

I'm lookin to go a little more "normal"... I guess?

So I went to the optometrist and picked out some red Ray Bans... They're gonna have regular seeing glasses lenses when I bring them back, and I'm getting the transitions lenses cuz I'm sick of not being able to wear sunglasses... XD

Now, I've had the blue and purple in my dreads for a while... I've only redone in once, but  I'm getting kinda bored with it... my question to you guys is this.... Should I go all darker brown, or darker brown with some bleached ones thrown in to add a little pizzaz cuz that's more my personality?

I'm sooooo indecisive... I need you guys to hook me up with some opinions. Thanks GUDU!
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