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do x2

Hey all. I looked through the memories and found a few entries, but I thought maybe some current input would be cool. I know there are some other new people on here with dreadlings my babies age, and I thought some of you might have something to share?

My current set of skinniesh dreads are about 4 mos old. With my last set which only lasted a year or so (I decided to go literally crazy and proceeded to shave my head one night...yikes) I constantly wore them up in a ponytail. I want pretty styles!

I know this is in the memories, and I did find a few ideas, but wondering if there are any more out there! I also read Lish telling people that anything you can do with brushable hair, you can do with dreads. I'm far from creative. I'm heading to google too, but thought you guys might have some favs.

My dreadlets are barely to my shoulders. Tried tying random knots...harder than it sounds! Tried the twist bowl thing - not long enough to tuck in at the end!
Anyone with any new idears?

Here are two I tried. First one I did the twist bowl thing from either side, fastened it at the end, and tucked it in partway. Second I made a bun, stabbed a chopstick through the center upwards and back down kinda behind the bun.
Sorry for the hugeness!

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