Akimova (akimova) wrote in get_up_dread_up,

2 years, 5 months

It's been a good week with my dreads, I'm happy to report!  My office happens to be located inside a mostly-government building, so I tend to get strange looks or negative comments if people outside of my company pay attention to my hair.  On Friday though a woman stopped me in the stairwell to tell me that she really liked mine and asked a ton of questions because her 17 year old daughter wants dreads.  After a while she admitted that she doesn't want her to get them, but what was great is that she actually wanted to understand the process of how they're done and what not to do (I told her that if her kid does do them to tell her not to use wax, and to do a lot of research).  Then she asked if she could touch them and she kept smiling so I think I sort of pushed her a little closer to respecting her kids' decision in the end.  Then later the same day a random dude at a store complimented me on them and mentioned that he had just cut off his 14 year old locks.  In the end he told me to never cut mine, and I left with a smile.

Friday also marked the day that I successfully tied up my dreads (without any elastics) and they actually stayed in place for about 6 hours as opposed to constantly coming undone.  Naturally this means today I played around with them and took some pictures for the sake of being vain.  Excuse my weird claw hand in this picture...


Then it's up in a bun they go!

Also, off-topic but I decided to go gluten-free and made some kick-ass cherry/pecan/chocolate biscotti today plus a loaf of bread and both are delicious so I'll show you what they looked like for good measure!
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