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Big fun post (added more few pictures)

What a Steamy weekend!  I have so much to post and talk about this exciting weekend of Steampunk faire in NJ.
It was my first and best Con I've ever attended to.

Spinning poi!
     I can't describe how awesome the Steampunk fair was, and very  exhausted by the time i got home on Sunday night. I want to show you pictures, etc.  May is the month when I started my Dreadlocks, thus they're officially one year old and couple of days.  i want to do a timeline but I'm pretty lazy sorry, perhaps next post.  On to the cool pictures!
I'm so addicted to poi! xD

In a friends room, making dinner
  Sadly i lost that chicken bone necklace :( 
i look hypnotized in this picture
                      This picture is so funny, and awkward
yes thats supposedly virgin mary with a steampunk pope doing something..Steampunk star wars!     My friend Kenny, He won first prize in evil laughing competition. He even scared me with his laughter.
More poi lol

At the fair, I saw few dreadheads and wondering if anybody here also went?  There is more photos that needs to be uploaded from a friends camera, so i will update more soon!    such a fun weekend and all.
: )    
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