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my dreads will be 1 year 7 months on the 24th

i was in a zombie movie not too long ago. it was for a class project for a friend of mine.
here it is :]

WARNING: may be nsfw for language

and here are some pictures!
(quite a few, actually)

Allie, me, and Heather

i think i was dancing

i know she was dancing

my bfff!!

haha this picture just cracks me up

i decided to palm roll my dreads for the first time in... a.. long time. it's been a while.

in the middle. my arms were so tireddddd. Skelly Dreadington waves hello.

this little guy is at the nape of my neck, and he's completely naturally neglected. i can ALMOST put him into a high pony tail. he's the shortest.

this is the smaller of my forks. he's the salad fork

leftish. the dread with the green bead is the longest of the bunch.


and to end, part of a picture i drew the other day. i'm going to scan it after i color it.

i hope it's not raining wherever you are. 'cause it sure is here! but that's cool, now i get to wear my new raincoat! :]
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