jen_isadora (jen_isadora) wrote in get_up_dread_up,

Greetings From Cali

hey fellow gudus :) just wanted to send you some of my cali lovin♥

The dreads are starting to get super long and Im obsessed with wearing them to the side now. Reminds me of my innocent elementary school days. They are a year and 5 months now. Time sure does fly doesnt it?!
Me and my buggyboo in downtown LA
Me and my other buggyboo also in dt. hehe

This was a few months ago. On my birthday actually. We had a yardsale to get rid of all our crap and make space for some new crap. My hair was black then, and Im SOOOO glad its fading. Black hair in the summertime is no fun. I was bummed on how it looks next to Chiekos georgeous copper hair. I almost wanna try to make my dreads this color......? yes no??

The last one is me playing around with lighting in my bedroom. I love photography and taking pictures, but whenever I'm in the artistic mood Im the only one around.

ALSO! anyone in the Los Angeles area that knows about coloring dreads?? or that can possibly help me? I will take some awesome pictures of your hair and maybe buy you a beer :)
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