malloryshea (malloryshea) wrote in get_up_dread_up,

and so it begins!...........

First off THANK YOU thank you all of you! Secondly: hello hello everyone! I am brand new to lj and got an account just to that I could join gudu. I have been watching and learning from this commuity for quite some time now, and I really want to say thank you. Every singe one of the ideas about what to do to the top of my head came directly from here, I found the Lish's website about a year ago, right after I started my dreadlocks....and it linked me right to here.  I will say I was a little nervous about posting here for the first time but you all just seem so friendly and helpful... I hope we can be friends....I am origionally from Long Beach, transfering to calpoly pomona next year... ......enough about me....on to the photos...i hope you like them!

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